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Recruiting Process Outsourcing


RPO – managing your hiring process

RPO means Recruitment process outsourcing and is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where our client engages RadixNetwork to manage some or all or parts of its recruitment process. This is typically a volume business with long-term cooperation but could also be a project-based RPO if the client has a temporary need for additional resources or a hiring peak.


Individual solutions for individual situations

Within the framework of an RPO, all activities related to the recruitment of new employees or only partial processes can be outsourced. It depends on the individual situation of the company and the objectives pursued with the introduction of an RPO.

Different needs regarding service depth often arise due to different company sizes and H.R. structures. Therefore, we offer a modular portfolio of RPO services:

Talent Planning
Demand Planning
Demand Analysis
Recruiting Process
Recruiting Strategy
Talent Attraction
Social Media
Active Sourcing
Talent Selection
Talent Hiring Process
Talent Hiring
Talent Engagement


Benefits of outsourcing

There are many benefits to outsourcing your recruitment process to RadixNetwork Schweiz GmbH. Here are some of the most important ones

Save time and money

By outsourcing, you can eliminate the need to hire a full-time recruiter, which can be expensive. You also don’t have to spend time training someone new on how to do the job – we’re already up and running!


Better quality candidates

Because specialist recruiters know what skills and qualifications are required for specific roles, they are better placed than the in-house staff to find high-quality candidates who match your requirements perfectly.


Efficient hiring process

Outsourcing your recruitment process means that all communications with potential candidates will go through one central point of contact, rather than having multiple people contacting them independently (which can often lead to confusion). This also helps ensure that all applicants are treated equally and fairly throughout the selection process.


A broader pool of candidates

When you outsource your recruitment process, you have access to a larger pool of qualified candidates than if you were doing it in-house. This is because recruiters who specialize in recruiting for specific industries or positions will have access to more candidates than someone who is only looking within their own company or network.

The Active Sourcing module has seen a sharp rise in demand

The Active Sourcing module has seen a sharp rise in demand – either integrated into the overall RPO process or as a standalone service.

Most companies still have little expertise in this area. However, active sourcing is becoming increasingly important as a recruiting tool.

While the classic RPO models were primarily concerned with the professional and rapid processing of incoming applications, which the original RPO service providers specialized in, today’s customers are increasingly opting for RPO partners who also offer active sourcing as a core competency.

It is no longer just a matter of finding the right person for particular vacancies through classic HR consulting but of applying active sourcing for almost all candidate target groups as a fundamental part of the recruiting strategy.

Advantages of Active Sourcing

Quality before quantity

Candidates who meet the requirements of the specialist department are approached in a targeted manner. This increases the quality of applicants while reducing the effort required to process unsuitable applications.


Lower the cost

Targeted sourcing by the RPO service provider thus increases the number of suitable applicants per position, while the costs for HR consulting can be reduced by bundling volumes with the RPO partner.


Personal and professional

Through personal contact from the very beginning of the process, the candidate’s bond with the new company is strengthened enormously. This increases the probability that the desired candidate will ultimately sign the employment contract.


Extend potential candidates

Candidates who are latently (i.e., not actively) looking are also reached. These candidates are seldom in application processes with other potential employers simultaneously and are not ultimately spoilt for choice among several job offers.




RadixNetwork Schweiz GmbH is a boutique recruitment agency based in Switzerland with operations in Europe, China and the USA.

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