senior-management-level or C-Level positions

Executive Search


The Executive Search recruitment model recruits individuals to fill senior-management-level or C-Level positions within an organization.

This type of search is typically conducted to fill vacancies that are not publicly published and require certain confidentiality. We will work with your organization to identify the ideal candidate for the position, and then we will reach out to those individuals to gauge their interest in the role.

Executive Search – hiring leaders of the future

Finding leaders who lead your company into a promising future while fitting in with your culture is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging tasks in recruiting. Executive search is the supreme discipline of personnel recruitment. Finding suitable and qualified executives can be quite complex and time-consuming.

Having the right people in management positions determines the success of companies. With this awareness, we are personally, professionally, and highly committed to each individual project. Thanks to our broad network, our expertise in the IT & automotive industry, as well as many years of experience in recruiting, we at RadixNetwork can actively and yet discreetly help you to find and recommend qualified candidates for you to fill your key positions. 



RadixNetwork Schweiz GmbH is a boutique recruitment agency based in Switzerland, operating in Europe, China, and the US.

We are active in the areas of IT, SAP, Automotive, E-Mobility & Executive Search Recruiting, and HR / Management Consulting, with a particular focus on strategy, process, reorganization, and HR consulting.

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